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I cannot forget how excited I was to finally have excess to computer and Internet. It was the moment that my mom showed me some flash animation. It took ages to get loading, and I cannot even use Internet when someone is using phone, but I was so excited that I can search the episode, instead of waiting for the exact time when it is broadcasting. However it was also very annoying when the loading was almost done and someone called. The whole effort of waiting was gone and had to start all over. Just like that.

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I remember that my mom didn't want me to use computer. She thought it will spoil me.So when I was using computer, I had to use secretly without my mom knowing. My cat "Luno" tended to walk around the keyboard. Suddenly he jumped on to the keyboard andsome weird pornography poped up. And that moment my mom came in and I was in big trouble.

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When I got in to middle school, I had more chance to use computer. However she only let me use in when I do some school work or study. I had to make excuse to answer some messages from my friends through messenger. It was Korean version of "Myspace". So I told my mom that I had things for school to print out. At that time printer took much longer than these days. I bought like extra time to use Internet for myself.

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Very first moment I learned about New York was via Internet. My dad told me that my uncle is living in USA and when I researched it, Voila! That is the moment that that I meet "Carrie Bradshaw". From that day I always dreamt about living in New York City. However when I first get to New York, I was little bit disappointed cause it smelled so bad. Too bad that Internet cannot deliver smell.

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